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5 Star Services is a Visakhapatnam Grocery aggregator platform you can ship to All Local areas and provide a delightful delivery experience to your customers with COD and prepaid payment options. With rates starting from Rs. 22/500g, you can ship seamlessly to every household in the City. (Grocery Home Delivery Service In Vizag)

5 Star Services offers OnTime Delivery Services In Vizag:

Grocery Home Delivery Services All Areas In Vishakapatnam

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5 Star Services partner for delivery service in Visakhapatnam. It was acquired. They have a proven track record of fast delivery and low costs. 5 Star Services was initially set up in Vizag and gradually grew to become one of the quickest courier services in Asia. It is not just a go-to courier service in Visakhapatnam but also ships to All Local areas of Vizag. 5 Star Services can help you ship your orders rapidly through the express delivery mode without costing you a lot of money. (Grocery Home Delivery Service in Vizag)

Delivery is one of the most reliable courier partners for your domestic shipments. It is one of the best couriers and offers a fast delivery service online, famous for its diverse offerings. It aims at delivering satisfaction to the customer’s doorstep, in the least amount of time. Apart from domestic shipments, Delhivery also offers services for reverse logistics and Local Services shipments. It is also catering to the needs of various successful eCommerce businesses in Visakhapatnam through its services such as Delhivery Express. With Delivery, you can provide on-demand delivery, same day or next day delivery along with time-based delivery as per the convenience of your and your customer’s satisfaction. (Grocery Home Delivery Service In In Vizag)

Why choose 5 Star Services?


Delivery to your doorstep
Store Pickup
Quick Grocery provision
Easy availability
Wide variety of Grocery  & pharmaceutical products under one roof
Cost-effective shopping
Extremely simple because drugs are shipped right outside the house

Periodic discounts open to you,

Grocery home delivery in Vizag,

OnTime Grocery Delivery At Your Home

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Delivery Boy Connect number: 9000587613

Order Grocery Online in Vizag from Pharmacy Near You
Just visit our medical store online, and start placing your order. Stay healthy!
24-hour Courier home delivery service providers deliver the Couriers at their customer’s doorstep for free. (Grocery Home Delivery Service In Vizag)
Ordering Couriers has never been so easy..! Upload your prescription and it will be delivered to your doorstep. (medicine Delivery Services)

Customer care / Special Booking: 9000587613

Worried about the odd timings? Or no pharmacy near your location? Don’t worry. We at Health at Homes provide you with Courier home delivery. All over-the-counter Courier can be delivered to your home across India. All we need is the prescription of any required Courier that you want to be delivered to your doorstep. You just have to upload the prescription and the Couriers will be delivered to your doorstep. That is it. Why run around when we can take care of all your concerns.

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For bookings call: +91-9000 587613

Absolutely! All our Couriers undergo a three-step quality check process to ensure they are of high quality. We source our products only from licensed retail pharmacies.

A highly capable team of experienced pharmacists and healthcare professionals
Cash-on-delivery available

A24-hour full-service emergency care unit qualified highly capable team of experienced pharmacists and healthcare professionals, fast track-emergency Courier delivery at your Door-Step

What grocery items are offered by grocery stores via grocery home delivery services?

The following grocery items are offered by grocery home delivery services in Visakhapatnam:

A wide range of grains including rice, wheat, barley, ragi, millets, oats, Rava, etc., along with a variety of pulses and dals such as tur dal, urad dal, chana dal, moong dal, yellow moong dal, rajma, peas, white/brown chana, peanuts, and many such varieties of grains and pulses that make it to most household’s grocery list now and then are delivery by online grocery shops your doorstep without any hassle.

A variety of Indian and international spices like salt, red chili powder, dhania powder, garam masala powder, chat masala powder, amchur powder, cumin powder, pepper powder, sambar powder, rasam powder, biryani masala powder, curry masala powder, Idli powder/gun powder, etc. Along with a variety of readymade powders like garlic powder, pav bhaji masala, chana masala, tea powder, etc.

In India, Indian dishes cannot be cooked using without oil. A variety of cooking oils such as olive oil, sunflower oil, mustard oil, etc., are a few of the many cooking oils available in the market. Individuals can conveniently shop for all these varieties of oils through any online grocery shopping website offering grocery home delivery services.

From the vast variety of dairy products milk, cheese, butter, curd/ yogurt, fresh cream, paneer/ cottage cheese, etc., are available. Online grocery home delivery services Visakhapatnam, Visakhapatnam has, offer these dairy products along with various discounts and offers.

Frozen products including a wide range of meat, fish, and other poultry products as well as products like frozen peas, frozen corn, and other wide range of frozen fruits and vegetables are offered by online grocery websites.

Other ingredients apart from these that are required in day-to-day meals such as papad, cocoa powder, noodles, pasta, tomato ketchup/ tomato sauce, jam, mayonnaise, honey, bread, soft drinks, health drinks, and much more are offered.

Toiletries including toothpaste, toothbrush, bathing soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, face wash, hand sanitizer, deodorant, body lotion, shaving lotion, shaving cream, hair gel, razor blades, baby products, and much more are available.

A vast range of cleaning products including dishwashing soaps or liquids, dishwashing powder, washing powder Washing soaps, toilet cleaner, bleaching powder, floor cleaner, kitchen cleaner, sanitary pads, toilet paper, kitchen tissue, garbage bags, car cleaner/car refreshers, mosquito liquid, naphthalene balls, rubber band, etc.

domestic same day Grocery  Delivery services At Home

*T&C: The delivery time might vary depending on the delivery location. Only Delivery Service, any Store Bigbazer, SuperMarket, Spencer, Retail Store Any Kirana General Store,  Select Your Grocery Store

My Whatsapp Number: 900058 7613 Send Grocery, List Near me Store Pickup And Delivery 40 Mints Above

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On-time delivery Service. One should definitely try the Delivery Service. All items, groceries, vegetables, and fruits at a reasonable cost.
Krishna K
Krishna K@krishna
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Excellent service would highly recommend them. 100% professional and sitting abroad I could relax and see the good quality fruits, vegetables, and groceries, etc challenges I faced last year with another company in Vizag. Raghu and his team are the best in the market.
Meenakshi K
Meenakshi K@Meenakshi
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Thank you 5 Star Services Team Received fresh and good quality fruits, vegetables, and groceries for a reasonable price. I really appreciate the super fast delivery within 40 Minutes. Highly recommended for everyone under this pandemic to stay home and order via the 5 Star Services Delivery Team and stay safe.
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Safe & Reliable

We Carry all your Documents, Small Packages, Bulk Packages, Electronic Goods, House Hold Goods, Food Stuff, Live Animals Courier & Package Delivery, etc

OnTime Delivery

We Carry all your Documents, Small Packages, Bulk Packages, Electronic Goods, House Hold Goods, Food Stuff, Live Animals Courier & Package Delivery, etc


What are your hours of operation??
Our website is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call Centre support is available from Monday to Saturday, 24/7 Emergency Mediine Delivery Services and Call Centre support

What information do you need from me to process my order as fast as possible??
In order to process your order quickly, we need the following details from you: Your billing/shipping information Your prescription (required for the order of Prescription medicines). Your payment details.

What are your delivery charges?

Following are 5starservices.in delivery charges, which are based on the order value. Order Value Delivery Charge Up to

Rs. 149.99

Rs. 50

Rs. 150 –

Rs. 999.99

Rs. 25 Over

Rs. 1000

FREE Shipping

Note: When the discount value in a transaction is equal to or higher than the applicable shipping charges, then the shipping charges will apply as in the table above; however, when the discount value in a transaction is lesser than the applicable shipping charges, then the shipping charges are waived off.

Are there any other hidden charges?
No. There are no hidden charges in any of our products.


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