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Professional Catering Services in Visakhapatnam in all Areas

Catering Services provide specialized food and beverages in large quantities for events and occasions. These caterers are usually experts in cooking various cuisines and dishes, starting from Mughlai to continental, consistent with the necessity. From live food counters to personalized food options, these professionals present an array of flavors at events. (Catering Services In Vizag)

We Provide Catering boys and Catering services to help in planning the menu, offering expert suggestions on dishes, and even providing large serving dishes and cutlery for the event. Make your occasions a memorable one with an experienced Catering in Visakhapatnam serving authentic Food styles. Catering 5 Star Services offers tasty food for various occasions & events. For these events, the involvement of a catering service in preparing, presenting, and serving the food and beverages is vital. Get custom quotes from verified caterers, Compare prices and Hire the simplest one at your budget. (Catering Services In Vizag)

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The Perfect Solution For Any Occasion

  • Wedding
  • Engagement
  • Reception
  • Birthday party
  • Corporate event
  • Half Saree event
  • Family Get Together
  • Any Event

5 Star Services Catering Services in Vizag Provides Best and Quality food. We are quite 15+ years of experience in this field. we offer Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. we offer Catering for Corporate companies, offices, wedding Events, and Functions..we provide Online food delivery across Vizag..we also deliver lunch Boxes to the Subscribed people .other than we offer various Services. We are the simplest Catering Services in Vizag.

5 Star Services Latex may be a company that provides the simplest catering services in Vizag. Catering is provided for companies, wedding events, etc. There are different types of catering packages available in both Veg and Non-Veg. Firstly, there are three sorts of packages which include Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages which supply 120,150 and 180 rupees per plate respectively. Items which can tend in these packages are very tasty and are recommended for Vegetarians. For Non-Vegetarians, we have a Non-Veg package that has very tasty Non-Veg dishes and therefore the food is extremely enjoyable. We even have a special package for Vegetarians which contains some extra dishes added to the bronze, silver, and gold packages mentioned above. there’s also another interesting and exciting package named the chief package. during this package, we’ll have both breakfast and lunch. (Home Cleaning Services In Vizag)

The quote is provided for Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages. For the remaining packages, you want to invite a quote. Quote depends on the things and members you invite. you’ll undergo our website to understand and obtain a transparent understanding of the menu of every package. Minimum orders are accepted for 100 members and above. you’ve got to pay transport charges on orders for 99 members and below. If you would like to vary any items within the above menu, prices will vary as per the changed items. 5star services Latex also features a special feature where we offer lunch boxes for subscribed people. Once you wish for any of our packages for catering, you’ll check in below by providing your details. If you wish for any of our packages and hesitating to check in or if you’ve got any queries, do be happy to contact us at any time.

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✪The Perfect Solution For Any Occasion✪

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I have booked a Laundry Service deep clean with them. They really did a fantastic job in removing the age-old scales from each corner of the cloths including every corner. It is 100% worth it to avail of this service.
Krishna K
Krishna K@krishna
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Excellent Service, would highly recommend them. 100% professional and sitting abroad i could relax and see the cleaning of my house getting completed without any hassles, rush, disrespect, etc challenges i faced last year with other company in Vizag. raghu and his team are best in the market.
Meenakshi K
Meenakshi K@Meenakshi
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In I have booked for painting, cleaning, service, pest control services, my house. they did a great job and the team was entered my premises with well-protected kits and safety measures good job 5 Star Services team & Raghu team
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We affect Any Occasion, Engagement, Reception, Birthday party, Corporate event, Family Get Together Any Event services for the hotel, hospital, & customer we promise to deliver maximum value for a really competitive price.

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We affect Any Occasion, Engagement, Reception, Birthday party, Corporate event, Family Get Together Any Event services for the hotel, hospital, & customer we promise to deliver maximum value for a really competitive price.


What are catering services?
Catering is the business of providing food service for parties and events at various sites such as hotels, banquets, cruises, lawns, rooftops, or any other event venue. Based on the event type and guests’ size, catering services will provide a bespoke menu. The company will professionally provide you with a catering service for any special occasion. Most full-service catering companies will offer services such as wedding catering, corporate catering, buffet catering, social event catering like birthday party catering, dinner party, house parting, etc.

What are the catering costs?
We provide catering solutions tailored to suit every client’s needs, priorities, and budget. We have a flexible pricing structure that won’t put stress on your wallets.

What information do we need to provide for caterers services?
You need to inform the estimated number of guests you’re inviting, the event type, date of your event, venue, the menu style and preferences, and the rough estimate of your budget. The catering company will then work on a suitable plan as per your taste, event style, and budget.

How do I make payments for catering services?
We accept all payments in cash or card modes. Personal or cash cheques will also be accepted towards the payment. You can also do a money transfer in our bank accounts.

What type of beverage services do you offer?
We offer full bar services for various events – social and corporate, big or small. We can also suggest how much liquor you should purchase for any given event, should the client wish to purchase their liquor. Soul Chef has a registered license to store and transport client-supplied beverages in its vehicles or their premises.

Did you cater to any major events?
Yes! We have catered to premier corporate, social, and outdoor, and Indoor catering events. A few of the significant events of our Vizag catering services include:

  • Wedding
  • Engagement
  • Reception
  • Birthday party
  • Corporate event
  • Half saree event
  • Family Get Together
  • Any Event

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