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Top house cleaning services in Visakhapatnam include daily cleaning services like floor cleaning & scrubbing, kitchen cleaning services, removing cobwebs within the house, bathroom cleaning services, front room & bedroom cleaning services, sofa cleaning services & carpet cleaning service. (Cleaning Service)

5 Star Services Trained home cleaning professionals to provide quality and eco-friendly cleaning solutions using proper equipment like mops, wipers, microfiber duster, vacuum, steaming machines, non-hazardous and herbal disinfectants, and other necessary equipment to make sure you reside in a completely healthy environment. (Cleaning Service)

If you would like empty house cleaning services before shifting to a replacement place in Visakhapatnam, you’ll easily get complete home deep cleaning services in Visakhapatnam like acid floor wash, tiles/marble polishing, sump cleaning, cistern cleaning, acid wash bathroom cleaning, toilet cleaning services, also as complete home sanitization and disinfection services.
5 Star Services is one of the leading cleaning companies in Visakhapatnam. the corporate has been providing excellent cleaning service for over ten years. they need a team of trained and experienced cleaning professionals. They deliver a high standard of cleaning services for home and office. they provide detail-oriented, consistent cleaning services to homeowners at reasonable rates. Free cleaning estimates are available.

I would say it’s the foremost ignored part of the cleaning drive. We, assist you with an equivalent, the reason being that electrical pieces of kit are risky to affect. except for your knowledge let me tell you that our housekeeping professionals are skilled in this area.

Floor polishing makes the ground shinier, brighter and provides it a fresh and New Look. there’s no denying the very fact that floor polishing may be a necessity for the hospital and therefore the hotel housekeeping services.

This again is one among the necessities for commercial housekeeping i.e. to stay and maintain the shine of the ground, the ceiling also because of the walls surrounding it. We are skilled in this area also.

We provide glass cleaning services. this may make the glasses and therefore the mirrors crystal clear. confirm you don’t bump your head on the glass gates later.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning and lots of More
This is not just the miscellaneous bullet. This bullet is for the entire pack up of your property. we feature out deep cleaning of the whole house. For a fact, the modular kitchen is a neighborhood that is susceptible to many insects and worms. Therefore, we’d like complete and deep cleaning during this area ones during a while.

5 Star Services Cleaning Services is one of the foremost trusted cleaning businesses in Visakhapatnam. the corporate has been providing trusted cleaning services throughout the years. Their maids have the knowledge and knowledge in handling modern cleaning tools and equipment. they’re proud to supply comprehensive cleaning services to their customers. Their budget flexibility extends all the thanks to avail the proper cleaning service at right time.

Best Home Deep Cleaning Services in Visakhapatnam,

Best Bathroom Deep Cleaning Services in Visakhapatnam,

Residential Deep Cleaning Services near me,

Best House Cleaning Services In Visakhapatnam,

5 Star Services may be a reliable cleaning company in Visakhapatnam that delivers professional quality cleaning service at a reasonable price. 5 Star Services has an experienced cleaning team that delivers exceptional standard cleaning services to its customers. Their team affords professional, respectful, and friendly services to make sure customer needs. Their primary focus is to offer 100% satisfaction to their clients. they provide free estimates and also provide easy slot booking by WhatsApp. 

Full Home Cleaning

Bedroom, Furniture Dusting, Mattress Vacuuming, Cupboard Cleaning from outside, Windows & Grills, Lighting Fixtures, Floor Scrubbing, A dry dusting of Walls and ceiling


Showers and Taps, Windows & Exhaust Fan, Floor, and Tile Scrubbing, Cobweb removal, cabinets and Shelves from outside and open shelves if emptied, Mirror and Glass Cleaning, Water closet and washbasin


Window & Exhaust Fan, Wiping of Appliances from Outside, Cabinets from outside, Kitchen Platform, Cobwebs Removal, A dry dusting of walls and ceiling, Floor Scrubbing


Furniture Dusting, Sofa, and Curtain Vacuuming, Cupboard Cleaning from outside, Windows and Grills, Lighting Fixtures, Floor Scrubbing, Balcony Cleaning

General cleaning:

Floor Cleaning – Use of Holl cleaning and disinfecting Chemicals and sophisticated Machinery to remove deep Clean

bathroom Cleaning– Disinfecting, Sanitizing, and Deep Scrubbing of Bathrooms and Toilets. (cleaning Service)

Cleaning Furniture – Vacuuming all sofas, upholstery, and curtains.

Extra Treatment– Special Treatment of steel, wooden, and glass surface.

Ceiling and Walls – Dustproof the walls and ceiling of the entire house.

Kitchen Cleaning– Kitchen Cleaning of all furniture and Electrical Fixtures.

Cleaning Window – Cleaning all glass panes and windows that are safe to access. (Best House Cleaning Services In Vizag)

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5 Star Services Offering High Quality & Trusted Professional cleaning services to the residents are the various residential cleaning services. Whether the matter is cleaning the whole kitchen or the bathroom, the Full home cleaning services do that without a mess. Residential Cleaning Services in Visakhapatnam are available in plenty offering their services at affordable rates. Such maid services can be booked conveniently by sitting at home through the Contact number of those housekeeping Services. The home cleaning services do thorough background checks before they send a mail Maid to the client’s house to ensure safety. Being professionals, these housekeeping services are well aware of the latest technologies in the realm of cleaning and hence can assure 100 percent satisfaction for the customers. The best thing about these cleaning services is that they will send a maid at a pre-decided convenient time for the client. Scroll up this page to find access to a list of Residential Cleaning Services In Vishakapatnam.

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We are professional cleaning services with an expert and dedicated team of people servicing Vizag. Our 5 Star Services is “Transforming Cleanliness, Delivering Excellence and Promoting Health

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We are professional cleaning services with an expert and dedicated team of people servicing Vizag. Our 5 Star Services is “Transforming Cleanliness, Delivering Excellence and Promoting Health

Deep Clean FAQ's

How often should I deep clean my house?

Our experts suggest that you deep clean your house once every 1 months.

How do I book a home cleaning session?

You can book a home cleaning session through the 5 Star Services website. Just click, pick a convenient time slot and our professionals will visit your home at the requested date and time.

What are the benefits of using 5 Star services?

5 Star Services is an online platform that connects you with professionals offering deep cleaning services in Vizag and other major areas in Vishakapatnam for affordable rates. All our professionals are experienced and verified and will complete the service on time. We have a dedicated customer support team that is available for you always.

How much does it cost for deep cleaning services in Vizag?

The cost of deep cleaning services in Vizag depends on the size of the house and the number of areas that might require special attention.

Where do you get the information from?

We don’t have one single source as we pull our information from all across the internet. If it’s on the internet, we’ve probably seen it! We also receive emails from customers and have online partners to help collect information. Most business information (such as emails, phone numbers, addresses) is from the businesses directly.

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